So Your Kid is Into Golf

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Basic Terminology

  • Ace - When the ball enters the cup with it only being hit once. Also called a hole in one.
  • Albatross - Three strokes under par. Also called a double-eagle.
  • Backswing - The part of the swing where the club is coming back from the pall to prepare to hit it. The backswing ends when the club is ready to come forward again.
  • Ball Marker - A small object that is used to show where a ball is on the green. This allows for the ball to be removed for someone else to hit.
  • Ball Washer - A device used to clean the ball. These are located near some tees.
  • Birdie - One stroke under par.
  • Bogey - One stroke over par.
  • Bunker - A hazard that is filled with sand.
  • Chip - A very short shot to the green.
  • Condor - Four strokes under par. Also called a Triple-Eagle.
  • Double-Bogey - Two strokes over par.
  • Double-Eagle - Three strokes under par. Also called an albatross.
  • Eagle - Two strokes under par.
  • Fairway - The surface between the tee and the green that has had the grass cut to be more playable. The grass is not cut as short as the green, but closer to that of a nicely kept lawn.
  • Fore!! - Duck! A golf ball may be coming at your head.
  • Gimme - A shot that you just count and don't hit, since your opponents assume that you can not miss the shot.
  • Hole in One - When the ball enters the cup with it only being hit once. Also called an ace.
  • Par - can refer to the number of strokes for that hole. It is based on some sort of measure from the tee to the green.
    Par can also refer to a score meaning that you got the ball in the hole in the number of strokes that was par for that hole.
  • Putt - Hitting the ball with the ball not becoming airborne.
  • Quadruple-Bogey - Four strokes over par.
  • Slice - A shot with a harsh curve from left to right. Also refered to as a banana ball.
  • Triple-Bogey - Three strokes over par.
  • Triple-Eagle - Four strokes under par. Also called a Condor.


  • Woods - Woods are not necessarily made of wood anymore. They are the longers clubs and are generally used for shooting for distance. Woods are the ones with the big heads on them.
  • Irons - Irons are used when you are getting close to the greens. Irons are the ones with the flat angled heads.
  • Putter - Is used to putt the ball.
  • Wedge - These are a lot like irons, but they are for very high and very short shots. They are for helping you get out of areas where you are stuck.
  • Woods and irons are numbered. You refer to them as 1 wood or 9 iron. This specifies their number and the type of club. The lower the number, the farther you should be able to hit with the club.


  • Can only have 14 clubs on the course.
  • A round of golf generally consists of playing 18 holes.
  • Lowest score wins.
  • Each time you swing at the ball with the intent to hit it is called a stroke. Count every stroke between the time you tee off until you hit the ball in the hole. When you hit the ball in the hole write down your number of strokes. At the end of the game add up the number of strokes on each whole and that is your final score.

Advanced Beginner Terminology

  • Apron - The grass around the edge of the green.
  • Away - The ball farthest from the hole. The ball that is away is played next.
  • Back Lip - The edge of a bunker farthest away from the green.
  • Banana Ball - A shot with a harsh curve from left to right. Also refered to as a slice.
  • Duck Hook - A shot with a harsh curve from right to left. This is also refered to by other duck names and is also sometimes called a shrimp.
  • Fade - A shot that curves slightly from left to right.
  • Gallery - These are the spectators at a Golf tournament.
  • Honors - Based on the previous holes lowest score this person gets to hit first on the next hole.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Famous Golfers

  • Jack Nicklaus - Born Jan 21, 1940
  • Arnold Palmer - Born Sept 10, 1929
  • Tom Watson - Born Sept 4, 1949
  • Tiger Woods - Born Dec 30, 1975
    • As far as I can tell with my limited knowledge of Golf, Tiger is the Michael Jordan of Golf.