So Your Kid is Into Golf

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Advanced Beginner Terminology

  • Apron - The grass around the edge of the green.
  • Away - The ball farthest from the hole. The ball that is away is played next.
  • Back Lip - The edge of a bunker farthest away from the green.
  • Banana Ball - A shot with a harsh curve from left to right. Also refered to as a slice.
  • Duck Hook - A shot with a harsh curve from right to left. This is also refered to by other duck names and is also sometimes called a shrimp.
  • Fade - A shot that curves slightly from left to right.
  • Gallery - These are the spectators at a Golf tournament.
  • Honors - Based on the previous holes lowest score this person gets to hit first on the next hole.



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