So Your Kid is Into Golf

Saturday, September 30, 2006


  • Woods - Woods are not necessarily made of wood anymore. They are the longers clubs and are generally used for shooting for distance. Woods are the ones with the big heads on them.
  • Irons - Irons are used when you are getting close to the greens. Irons are the ones with the flat angled heads.
  • Putter - Is used to putt the ball.
  • Wedge - These are a lot like irons, but they are for very high and very short shots. They are for helping you get out of areas where you are stuck.
  • Woods and irons are numbered. You refer to them as 1 wood or 9 iron. This specifies their number and the type of club. The lower the number, the farther you should be able to hit with the club.


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